Metal Push-pull self-locking connector compatible with K series FGG plug

Metal Push-pull self-locking connector compatible with K series FGG plug

Model No.︰FGG

Brand Name︰szmedplus

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 12 / pc

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

Materials of Plug:

① Outer shell: Brass in chrome plating; ② Latch sleeve: Brass in nickel plating; ③ Inner shell: Brass in nickel plating; ④ Retaining ring: Brass in nickel plating; ⑤ Collet nut: Brass in chrome plating; ⑥ Split insert carrier: Brass in nickel plating; ⑦ Insulator: PPS(Phenylenesulfide); ⑧ Male contact: Brass in gold plating; ⑨ Earthing cone: Brass in nickel plating; ⑩ Collet: Brass in nickel plating; Gasket: Plastic; Washer: Stainless steel

Industry Application:

Medical connector: Analyzers, Processing Equipment, Dental Equipment, Electrosurgical Devices, Pacemakers and Hearing Devices;

Audio-video connector: HDTV/Media Converter, Remote Cam / Motion Pict Cam(Indoors/outdoors), Analog Audio/Video, Digital Audio, Lighting - Indoors/outdoors;

Test & Measurement connector: GPS (portable or vehicle mounted), High Voltage Experiments, Meters, Sources, Analyzers, Weather Sensors, Quality Inspections;

Information system connector: Authentication Devices, Computers (outdoors), Input Devices, Printers/Copiers,

Automotive connector: Cars/Trucks (inside), Crash Dummies, Engine Compartments, Emergency Vehicles,

Research connector: Robots, Sub-Atomic Research, Physics Research, Laboratories; Aerospace connector: Airplanes/Helicopters, Baggage Screeners;

Communication connector: Antennas - Indoors/outdoors, Headsets/IBFs (Reporters), Remote Control, RF/uWave,

System control connector: Security/Surveillance – Indoors, outdoors.



·       Straight male plug with nut for bend relief..

·       Push-pull self-latching system for mating and unmating easily.

·       Multi-contact types 2 to 26 contacts

·       Solder pins for cable

·       Keying system ("G"key standard) for connector alignment

·       Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors

·       High packing density for space savings

·       360° screening for full EMC shielding.

Technical characteristics:

Mechanical and Climatically

1. Endurance: > 5000 mating cycles;

2. Humidity : up to 95% at 60 degree;

3. Temperature range: -45 , +125 ;

4. .Resistance to vibration : 15 g[10 HZ-2000HZ];

OEM part no:egg.0k.302egg.0k.303

Price Terms︰ EX-factory price

Payment Terms︰ 100%TT

Packing︰ Blister package

Lead Time︰ one week

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